Monday, March 23, 2009

Dry Fly Fishing in March, is ON!

Here's the first couple "Fish of the Week" photos, that we will start posting for your fish-porn viewing pleasure.

The first pic, on the top, was March 20th '09, on a Skwalla-DRY! Absolute "blow-pig"! The other was just one of many beauty's that were bagged on March 13th '09.

Well, all I can say is..."YUP! Set the HOOK!"
I've been meaning to write something new for a while now, but being on the water everyday is going to make it tough. Not to mention, booking trips, emailing pictures of the big ones to my clients every night, tying flies, etc. Whatever, I love my job!
I'll do my best to get the next video out before long. We have some great dry fly footage coming in the next video, and if that doesn't get you fired up to fish, nothing will.
The skwallas are here, and the forty fish + day we had on Friday had me a little jaded to only get about thirty on Saturday! Oh well, boy I'm spoiled. We still had an absolute blast, FISHING BIG DRY FLIES in March!
If youv'e never read my Blog before, check out the bottom of the very first post for a truly, crazy deal, for first time clients of D.U.O.
See ya on the water...