Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Spring Time In Montana

Yes it is! The warmer trends El Nino brings have given Montana the early spring, and early spring hatches, I predicted quite a long time ago! We are already having great afternoons on skwalla Dry Flies!!! Yup, I'm not gonna lie, and I'm not going to hold back on info this season. I've put out the specials, I've sent the emails, made the calls months ago, and now I'm guiding consistently in early March. That's the the plan, and that's the way it needs to be in Montana this season. Come early, come often!
I did have the chance to fish the last day of February with the Simms rep for our area, along with a guide buddy of mine. I won't mention my friend Tony's name, but I will tell you that the big prize for the largest fish of the day was a new Simms Windstopper Fleece!
The TU banquet the night before had left me a bit hazy that morning of our day of fishing, but lo and behold, the new jacket fits me just fine! So what if I wasn't looking when the big one ate it, and who cares if I was fishing garbage water? It happens, and now the "new Jacket smell" will be challenged only by my 115 lb. lab, and I'll be rubbing in the "victory" smell on my pal for months on end as a bonus. Stuff like that between fishing buddies is just one of those things you just can't put a price on. Here's a couple pics of March 2nd on the 'Root...There are more skwalla nymphs above Hamilton right now than I've seen in six-teen years here!

My posts here will be lacking a bit for a while, as there are always new patterns to tie, and preparations to be made for all our spring clients that will be filtering in and out of Montana's version of "March Madness"!!! Man, I love my job!!!
And there's one more little thing on my plate these days: Check out the new "daily" Video Fishing Report on the website whenever your getting ready to head out in the Missoula area. Up to date, and straight from the river for you most days!
I'm now swinging the chair around to the fly tying vise! It's now officially ON in the Missoula area. Spring is here NOW, drop your pencil, back off the desk or whatever your doing and come fishing with us!!! Cabin fever is now an afterthought!

Come get Your Fish ON!!!