Thursday, February 5, 2009

A February afternoon on the Bitterroot

I couldn't take it anymore: After writing the very first blog for this site, and glancing out the window at a beautiful February afternoon, I grabbed a rod, two nymphs and walked out my front door.
I'm lucky enough to live about one hundred and twenty yards from from one of the best runs on the Bitterroot river. The sun was just about to go behind St. Marys peak. I only had about ten minutes to get it done before the spring like weather of the day would turn to an evening that could possibly ice up the guides in my Loomis 5 wt.
Buddy, my big yellow lab, and I skittered along the shelf ice that still borders the river on the west side. Trying not to go swimming was a high priority! No waders, just some knee highs for this quick assault on the fish were all I needed, as long as I didn't slide off that ice into the "drink"!
Just a few drifts with the double-bead-stone, and one of my skwalla nymph patterns, earned buddy the chance to watch two different rainbows leap out of the water on the end of my line. The fish were healthy, and in great shape. No big ones today, but still great fun to have trout on the line on February third! Can't complain, since I only had time for six or eight drifts this evening. I did have a fish "boil" my indicator tonight to! Must have thought it was the biggest midge in the world or something.
Well, back to fly tying bench for me again.
More fishing, and some real river reports to come!
Tight Lines,

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