Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guiding-It's 24/7

Well, it's Prime time here in Montana.
The fishing is out of control, and we are absolutely having the time of our lives so far this summer.
I sure wish I had time to write more on some of the amazing things we get to see, and the fish stories we could tell, but sorry, unlike some of the other outfitters around here, who seem to have time to play on the computer all day and write about who knows what, myself and my guides are on the water everyday Catching people FISH. We don't come home and surf the internet. We get home and make the calls to talk about conditions, find out from each other what's up on certain stretches, where's fishing the best, tie more of what's working, and make sure we have it all ready for the next days float!
Sure, shop flies work fine, and they will always have their place, but there is no comparison in the flies we fish with! "Home brewed", home tied and field tested EVERYDAY!!!! Fly fishing is fun, that's our main job, and we just don't mess around at it. Myself and my guides made the decision years ago to make the commitment to be the best there is at what we do. Yes, it does come with a price, but while other outfitters and guides are out drinking beers, and eating dinner with their clients, we are home tying the best of the best in custom, "I'm gonna kick you right in the Fin" flies!!! Clean boats, clean gear, and clearly ready to roll out on the water for a great day with our clients!
Hey thanks for reading, and I just wanted you to know that I may not have any time to post anything more until mid-summer. The hoppers are tied, we are excited, and we can't wait for the heat of the summer and the action it brings. Who knows what new pattern may emerge from the bench to be the secret weapon this August. All we know is we'll be ready!
Truly hope everyone's fishing adventures are as memorable as ours this summer, and do stay tuned for all kinds of videos coming for you, (before September, and the Dry Fly Madness that comes with it) for your fish porn video enjoyment of course!
Time to tie, time to fish, time to flat out...
"Get Your Fish On"!!!

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