Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is It Over Yet?

The thrill of the hunt is over finally, and I now have more time to day dream about my next cast. Yes, the ducks and deer are safe again, undisturbed in there somewhat winter like environs that we are so fortunate to pry into for such a long time in a fishing guides off season here in Montana. "Somewhat winter like conditions", is that what I wrote? Sure did, El Nino is affecting Montana again as well. Certainly not as bad as other places in the world, that's for sure. But we are down on snow pack, and of course, some people are starting to panic! Come on, we have had excellent conditions for the past few years, the fish are as big, strong and as healthy as they can get, and our ground water levels are in more than excellent shape to! A little rain here and there, and we will be just fine. Not mention the fact that fish so healthy that they will be just fine to.
I don't want to be the bad guy, but guess what? Strong healthy fish + a little lower water = Easy fishing & Lots of big un's!!! Sorry, but I have a blast in the low water years! When you've been fishing these rivers as long as myself, and my guides, you just know where not to fish when the waters low and the weather is hot! We take precise, and careful measures, and we know where all the springs are located in our rivers systems here. We ensure great fishing, but we also take pride in protecting the incredible resources we have here. Even when certain sections of our rivers were not involved with Fish, Wildlife & Parks mandatory no fishing after 2pm in years past, we knew where to go, and where not to go for the sake of the trout!
OK, I could ramble on about this subject forever, but let's switch over to my favorite subject:
Spring Fishing!
If you were to scroll down to, or remember my first Blog on here, you would recall that spring fishing flat fires me up! You know what, I'm not even going to go on that rampage right now either. Just watch this video and see if your not fired up for spring now yourself...


Winter is slowly coming to a close, and you can just imagine what some of my next Blogs will be about. Hope everyone get's a little winter midge fishing in, or at least a little nymphing on a trout stream near you at some point. I know I will...

Get Your Fish ON!

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