Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fishing in Montana

When was my last Blog? Oh well, summer is here, hopper fishing is in full swing, the rivers have dropped a ton and now it's raining again. Love it! May was incredible, aside from a few pushes of water here. June was set up to be the best it's ever been, and then the whole "40 days & 40 nights" thing happened. Just a lot of rain, but still incredible fishing this past first half of June. July has proven to be just incredible, and the great fishing just keeps rolling! Thought we would show you a whole bunch of footage from salmonflies to now, but I have been just too darn busy on the water and making it home in time to play with my kids, say hello to the wife AND there just isn't enough hours in the day to edit up some videos for you all this time of year. Guess I'll have some fun projects this winter, if I can swim through all the great video footage we have saved up!

So hoppers are hopping about on the banks of the Bitterroot, the Big Blackfoot and on the Clark Fork now, and the late July weather has been very warm, but now cooling off and even raining again! The rest of our summer looks very promising, and the dry fly fishing that started the other day with the Big Bug, has only just begun again. Our area has some of the best dry fly fishing around, right into October with huge dry flies! And for those of you who've never been out here in the first half of August, well, your missing out on a dandy this year! Early rising in the lower flows have been the norm here in the past week, with the hot weather/ full moon combination and all, but this rain, and cooler temperatures will have us back to normal meet times and closer to some "bankers hours" for our fishing day schedule! If you have the right bugs, have the knowledge of the rivers and know where and when the fish are in there spots, you just don't have to be the early bird out here.

Back to the river tomorrow, and more to come on our incredible fly fishing adventures here in western Montana. See you on the water...

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